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LET's Rethink Lawrence.

The City of Toronto is resurfacing Lawrence Avenue East from Victoria Park to Warden in late 2023-2024.

But there are
no proposed safety improvements or road design changes. 


A road resurfacing includes laying down new asphalt on a road to make it smoother, along with other minor road work and repairs. The city has used these construction opportunities in recent years to bundle in additional improvements. There will be no safety improvements or upgrades.

The road will remain a Dangerous 7-lane ROAD.

The road will continue to Hurt and kill people. 

The road will fail to serve pedestrians, cyclists & transit users. 

The neighbourhood was promised a better street. we never got it. 

Now we have to fight for it.

Learn more

Watch The summary Video!

It's a quick, 3-minute video where I discuss the context and current problems of Lawrence Avenue in Wexford. I go over the previous attempts by city staff to improve the road and why the best time to make changes is now.

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